YFESTOS® - Luminescent Safety Products

YFESTOS®: the green light for your own safety
and the safety of others

The plan of the escape routes is a very important point influenced by the level of visibility in case of darkness. Using for example pictogram EXIT does not assure efficient evacuation.

For this reason it is worth considering additional markings besides the exit signs and pictograms in order to further increase safety during an emergency evacuation.

Please look at the graph below. It shows the technical level that the luminescent products reached.

YFESTOS® products that emit stored energy in the form of light in the darkness are the functional solution for this problem, because no electricity is required. Safety measures of this kind can speed up the evacuation enormously.

We should never forget that when disaster strikes, every second counts.

As darkness falls, the intensity of emission from luminescent pigments decrease proportionally with time because no new energy is supplied.

By extended irradiation the new pigments YFESTOS® can be "charged" to such a degree that an initial emission level of several thousand mcd/m2 is achieved, so they are exceptionally bright. On the other hand since the emission level is much higher at the onset of darkness, an effective emission level is therefore maintained for many hours.

YFESTOS® is also certified by many global Classification Societies.

YFESTOS® pigments have an excellent light stability compared to conventional pigments. Artificial aging tests for up to 20 years have proven that the YFESTOS® systems show no significant changes of their primary light emission. This means that it is not needed to change them for new ones for a long time.

We offer you products of heat resistant silicone rubber, which remain functional at temperatures of 200 °C:

  • emergency signs,
  • safety markings,
  • paints,
  • tapes,
  • arrows etc.